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A little background

After the 2019 Australian bush fires, we all want to help the surviving wildlife in the country. Little Ozzies was constructed to do just that, whilst providing a service that inspires young Australians and encourages personal growth. The range of adorable native Australian wildlife is available as T-shirts, downloadable colouring pages, and temporary tattoo transfers. Aiming to serve, inspire and protect the youth and native wildlife of this beautiful country, here's how we are contributing... Little Ozzies will serve a purpose by fulfilling the necessity of clothing kids, but wearable art does more than that; the collectible characters and tattoo transfers promote engagement and sociability amongst peer groups too. The colouring pages feature anatomically correct illustrations and information around the topics of habitat, and the animals logistics are available on the characters page. Physical copies of colouring books are in development and will go into more detail about the animals characteristics, educating and building awareness about their unique situations. The action of colouring has been well researched and proven to help lower cortisol levels, creating a relaxed and positive mindset. Having an emotional connection to a learning experience creates a long term memory so engaging with the characters will not only educate about the animals themselves but also develop finger grip, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, develop concentration levels, stimulate creative thinking, and will give kids a sense of pride and achievement when they've completed a piece. The range will inspire children to develop their artistic passions and be evident that artistic careers are achievable. After serving and inspiring Australian developing minds, the range aims to protect the wildlife by donating a percentage of all sales to animal welfare, so kids will be directly helping with the sustainability of Australia’s most threatened species. Little Ozzies aims to have the lowest possible impact on the environment too. All products are manufactured within Australia with low impact and recyclable materials wherever possible.

 It would be great if we could build this concept into a community, where we can encourage children to enter their designs for prizes and feedback. New releases including creative ways to up-cycle and encourage sustainability as well as video art tutorials, regular news, gifts and discounts coming soon to members and subscribers.