How are the t-shirts made?

Once you place an order your t-shirt will be outsourced to our Australian supplier in VIC. They use a direct to garment process (DTG), which means we can have your t-shirt sent out to you faster without excessive setup and minimum waste.

Can I get variations for t-shirts?

If you have any specific requests just send a message. You can customise additional text or enquire into other colours. Additional prints vary in cost depending on base colours and location of the design.

How do I apply the tattoo transfers? 

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Peel off the transparent backing and place design side down on your skin. Hold a wet cloth on the backing paper for 30 seconds. Peel off paper backing and let your tattoo dry. Once dry the design lasts approximately 4 days. You can reduce the shininess with a tiny dab of sunscreen or moisturiser, the shine reduces after the first day.

Who designs the Little Ozzies characters?

This cute range as created in the mid-coast area of NSW, in the rural farm settings near Forster. It is an area diverse in wildlife and habitat, and was severely impacted by drought and bushfire in 2019. The illustrations are sketched on paper and then exported to an iPad programme called procreate. You can find the background of the artist here... 

How do charities benefit from the sales?

The incentive behind Little Ozzies creation was the impact of the 2019 bushfires and the huge effects that they had on native wildlife. Each character has been lovingly designed to express the animals nature and share their presence amongst young people. By wearing their image and reading the insights on the character page, you are building awareness to the animals and sharing information on their behaviour. For each sale we will donate a percentage to a charity that supports Australian wildlife and conservation. Donations are allocated as the sale occurs and made quarterly, the amount varies depending on the value of the sale. We try to donate according to the animal you've supported, where there is no specific animal associated we donate to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc), Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation.

How is Little Ozzies minimising its carbon footprint?

Little Ozzies is passionate about its environmental impact and thoughtfully resources all suppliers and printing processes. We only use  Australian suppliers, which not only reduces travel emissions but ensures we do not add to substandard working conditions, and are contributing to the Australian economy. Cotton t-shirts are made from natural plant fibres and are supplied by AS colour, who believe in socially responsible practices and are part of the better cotton initiative. There is additional data on their policies here...  Using a direct to garment printing process means t-shirts are printed to order, minimising waste and removing the need for excess inventory. Inks are water based so safe for the environment, and water based inks require no hazardous chemicals for clean up. Even our promotional material is made from biodegradable material. Any waste from your purchase packaging can be put straight into the recycling bin. 

You can find a great article about DTG printing at here...

How do I know which size T-shirt will fit?

(Australian kids sizes)

Size                    Body Width                  Body Length
                        (cm)   /  (Inches)           (cm)  /  (Inches)
2 (XXS)                 33  /  12.9                   42  /  16.5
4 (XS)                   35  /  13.7                   45  /  17.7
6 (S)                     37  /  14.5                   48  /  18.8
8 (M)                    39  /  15.3                    51  /  20.0 
10 (L)                   41  /  16.1                   54  /  21.2
12 (XL)                43  /  16.9                    57  /  22.4
14 (XXL)              45  / 17.7                     60  /  23.6

How to Measure:

Lay an existing t-shirt flat.
Body Width: Measure 3cm (1.18 INCHES) below armpit, from one side to the other.
Body Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the t-shirt.