Australian wildlife consists of a huge variety of animals; approximately 83% of mammals, 93% of amphibians, 90% of fish and insects and 89% of reptiles that inhabit the continent are unique to Australia. Here you can find a small selection and by following the links read more about their individual characteristics and have a look at fun merchandise you can own. Any purchases will have a percentage donated directly to wildlife charity, helping to support Little Ozzies in the wild.

Australias iconic Koala, check out more about their habitat and characteristics....

The Unique egg laying mammal, read more about the platypus by following the link

The Laughing Kookaburra, one of the largest of the Kingfisher family. Read more about them by clicking the link

The adorable quokka, a little tree climbing wallaby from Eastern Australia

The green tree frog can be found in urban areas or in the forests, follow the link to read more about their individual features

Tasmanias local carnivorous marsupial

Australias iconic jumping marsupial, follow the link to read more about them

The Hairy nosed and the common wombats, Australias burrowing marsupial and the second largest

The bearded dragon comes in different sizes and colours, read more about this iconic reptile by following the link


Australia's spiny anteater, the echidna is one of only two extant members of the monotrome family

The solitary numbat, read more by clicking the button

The common bush tailed possum  is found throughout Australia

Part of the parrot family, you can find cockattoos across Australia, commonly the white coloured sulphar-crested and the red tailed black cockatoo

This tiny possum can be found gliding through the tree canopies, read more by clicking the button 

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